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SMFA News & Stories

A Revolution in Healing

On the 100th anniversary of the Band-Aid, Tufts engineer Sameer Sonkusale is working to make “smart” bandages.

We All Scream for Livestreams

The Tufts University Social Collective's online programming offers a sense of community for Jumbos amid COVID-19

“The Less Traveled Road of Conviction”

The Reverend Gloria White-Hammond spoke about racism—and hope—at Tufts’ Day of Reflection, Commitment, and Action on June 19, the national observance of Juneteenth

Confronting a Pandemic of Racism

Two Tufts psychology professors who study stereotyping and prejudice talk about racism, implicit bias, and what can be done

Fall Plans for Tufts Announced

The Schools of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering fall semester begins September 8 with undergraduates on campus; graduate and professional schools’ plans announced, too