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Alumni Q&A: Molly Hatch, BFA '00

Alumna Molly Hatch

Molly Hatch is a studio artist and a graduate of the BFA program.

How did SMFA help prepare you for the job you have today?

The SMFA program supported my development of an independent studio practice. The habitual need to get to the studio developed during my studies at the SMFA—learning to figure out what got me excited to make, what kept me coming to the studio everyday absolutely came out of the freedom to explore any medium I wanted to and the self-driven nature of the SMFA curriculum at the time.

What did you enjoy or value most about your SMFA education?

The strong focus on academics and studio art has been undeniably valuable in my career and was also one of the major attractions to SMFA and Tufts. The rigorous academic and studio art courses helped to pave the way for my career working with historic and contemporary themes and to feel prepared to make and to write about making.

What are you working on in your current role that excites you?

I am excited by the balance between design and fine art worlds in my work—that I am maintaining a career in multiple fields with success. I can’t wait to see how I sustain the work!

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