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Alumni Q&A: Todd Hido, BFA '91

Todd Hiddo

Todd Hido is a studio artist and graduate of the BFA program.

How did SMFA help prepare you for the job you have today?

SMFA helped me for the career that I have today. I do not even think of what I do as a job since I am doing exactly what I want to do every single day. Currently I am traveling and shooting all around the world. I feel like I learned that there were no limits on what I was capable of. This came from teachers taking us to artist’s homes and studios/museum exhibitions. They continually exposed us to the very best.

What did you enjoy or value most about your SMFA education?

The fact that I was able to have the freedom and flexibility to do as I liked. For my personality that particular set up worked out for me. Not having to be at school all the time lead me to spend almost all of my days there anyways as I was addicted to photography.

What are you working on in your current role that excites you?

I am working on my 14th photobook called Bright Black World it is a book of landscape photographs that seeks to find some light in this increasingly dark world we are living in.

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