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Daynard Microgrants for Collaborations in Racial Justice

The Daynard Microgrants for Collaborations in Racial Justice are intended to support student-led and faculty/staff-supported work promoting racial justice at SMFA at Tufts. Grants of up to $2,000 will be awarded to applicants who seek to counter racial inequity and promote justice through collaborative projects that connect SMFA students, faculty, staff and/or our community neighbors from the Greater Boston area. Proposals can range from funding for reading groups and guest speakers to collective artworks and events. 

Definition of Racial Justice

Racial justice is the systematic fair treatment of people of all races, resulting in equitable opportunities and outcomes for all. At SMFA at Tufts, these funds are meant to support artists' work towards an equitable culture and community, through collaborative creation and radical imagination.

Who Can Apply?

Daynard Microgrants of up to $2,000 each are available to groups of students (2 or more) working collaboratively with faculty or staff participants or advisors to produce research, studio, or community-oriented projects. All projects should have a public component and should be accessible to the SMFA at Tufts community in and around any of Tufts’ campuses. This public component can be a presentation, public program, screening, founding of an ongoing group, or any other outcome aimed at having a lasting impact. 

What Type of Projects Will Be Considered?

Proposals will be reviewed by a small jury composed of faculty, staff, students, and alumni of SMFA at Tufts. Priority will be given to new initiatives. Please note: these grants are not designed to fund individual studio projects. 

Proposals should address the following questions:

  1. How will your proposal promote racial justice and diversity at SMFA at Tufts?
  2. What form(s) will your project take?
  3. What community(s) does this project aim to engage?
  4. What social or campus changes do you hope to accomplish with your project?
  5. How exactly do you plan to carry out your project and accomplish your goals?
  6. How will your project make a lasting impact on the SMFA at Tufts community?

Proposals should be at least one-page long but should not exceed two pages. They must include the following:

  • Description of Project, addressing the above six questions in a cohesive narrative. You may submit images as part of your proposal. 
  • Timeline: Projects should be completed within the 2020/2021 academic year. If your proposal involves publicly showing work, the work needs to be finished by the end of the academic year but may be displayed at any time before the end of the 2021 calendar year.
  • Budget: Projects will be funded for up to $2,000. Please provide a detailed budget for your project, showing that you have thought carefully about the costs you may incur.
  • Final Report: Once the project is complete, please provide a short report summarizing the use of the awarded funds. 


Applications for the present round of awards are due by midnight on Friday, December 11, 2020. Please email a SINGLE PDF with your project description, timeline, the amount of funding requested with an itemized budget showing how the money would be spent, and up to 5 images (optional) to Kenson Truong (

Questions? Email Kenson Truong at

Recommended Resources

Tufts Division of Student Diversity and Inclusion is a collective of leaders, educators and, most importantly, people looking to serve as a resource for all undergraduate and graduate students’ interest in thinking about social identities and the ways they impact our lives and our world. Please visit the 6 related centers below here:

Africana Center, Asian American Center, Tufts Latinx Center, LGBT Center, Women’s Center, FIRST Resource Center

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