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SMFA News & Stories

Meet Daniela Gonzalez, A23 (BFA)

School: School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts

Home: I’m originally from the Dominican Republic, but Miami is a mini-Latin America, and that feels like home to me
Abby Clemens in her studio

More than Beauty

Abby Clemens, MFA '23, discusses her methodological approach to art making, her areas of research, and her sound-art heavy interdisciplinary practice.

Jamie Brewton

You Punch in a Code

Jamie Brewton, BFA + BS, MS ’23, questions ethical design, exploitation, surveillance, and ownership through multiple technological creations and mediums.

Amanda Pickler in her studio

Queering the Painting

Amanda Pickler, MFA '23, discusses her work, expressions of intimacy, and not being boxed into one medium.

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