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SMFA News & Stories

Isolation Chamber

Summer Scholar Nayeli Wessell-Meadows is exploring what is lost when, individually and collectively, we are never truly alone.

Writer. Painter. Outsider.

In her groundbreaking graphic novels, SMFA at Tufts graduate Amruta Patil defies easy categorization

Healing Trauma Through Art

Photographer–psychoanalyst Rachelle Mozman Solano focuses on her Panamanian roots to overcome old wounds of colonization passed from one generation to the next

Meditations on Taiyuan

Summer Scholar Yimeng Lyu, BFA ‘24, has created a series of abstract paintings reflecting daily life in her hometown.

The Lynchings Never Stopped

Summer Scholar Izaiah Rhodes, BFA '23, is creating powerful artwork representing the horror and trauma of modern-day lynchings.

Eye of the Beholder

Summer Scholar Parker Lily Tuson-Morse, BFA '23, is exploring themes of identity through self-portraiture.

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