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SMFA News & Stories

Tufts Will Remove and Conserve Murals

After discussion and debate, the university has decided to take down exclusionary murals from Alumnae Lounge, while making them more accessible for teaching and research.

Healthier Living Through Art

Tufts students share food, art, and nutritional advice with members of Boston’s Chinatown community.

Summer Construction at Tufts

A variety of construction projects, large and small, are under way across Tufts’ campuses.
Celia Glastris

Freeze Frame: Celia Glastris, BFA + BA '21

Thanks to her SMFA education, including a life-changing internship, former figure skater Celia Glastris, BFA + BA '21, is looking forward to a career writing about art.

The Feeling Is Mutual

A couple’s bequest speaks to their shared love of art and enduring gratitude for financial aid.
Rachel Orlang

Bringing Her Career Into Focus: Rachel Orlang, BFA '19

Through internships at an art gallery, a world-renowned cancer hospital, and a custom menswear company, Rachel Orlang, BFA '19, put her photography skills to the test in a variety of settings.