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Print Shops

The Print Shops offer a variety of spaces dedicated to work in screen printing, lithography, intaglio, relief, monoprinting, and other alternative printmaking processes. Our shops support traditional methods as well as contemporary digital techniques and hybrid practices. Students enrolled in a printmaking course will receive a shared locker and flat file for the semester, as well as access to all inks.

Metals Studio

The Metals Studio engages with both contemporary and historical skill-sets and practices in jewelry, metalsmithing, and small-scale fabrication processes. Students are supported in realizing their artistic and conceptual goals in tandem with gaining practical. From design to prototyping to production, the shop supports a wide-range of material-based processes. Repoussé and chasing, mold-making and casting, stone-cutting and setting, welding and enameling, can be seamlessly integrated with digital technologies and conceptually-driven methodologies. Students gain access to the shop through metals courses, or may make an individual appointment with the Studio Manager to be trained on the equipment and cleared for shop access.

Photography Studios and Darkrooms

The Photography facilities let you create work using a variety of contemporary, historical, and alternative processes including both analog and digital techniques. In addition to a variety of shooting spaces, we offer multiple darkroom facilities for developing film and analog printing, spaces to edit and print digital photography, and services to send work out to be developed.