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Bonnie Donohue

Professor of the Practice

Bonnie Donohue is a photographer, video artist, and writer who has worked in places of conflict, such as South Africa before the end of apartheid, Northern Ireland before the peace accords, and Vieques, Puerto Rico during and after the US military presence on the island. Her work examines displacement and loss as military structures transform human settlements into uninhabitable spaces; it conjures forgotten figures from military and civilian archives.

Jesseca Ferguson

PT Lecturer

MFA, Tufts University; BFA, Massachusetts College of Art; AB (magna cum laude), Harvard University.

Samantha Fields

PT Lecturer

Samantha Fields (sculpture) is a multi media artist, whose work includes sculpture, installation and textiles. She holds a BFA from Mass Art and an MFA from Tufts/The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She currently teaches at Chester College, Massachusetts College of Art, and Gordon College.

Katharine Finnegan

PT Lecturer

Katharine Finnegan (painting) received a BFA from the Museum School/Tufts University ('80). Her work has been included in exhibitions in the United States, Japan, and Italy, and in Boston at the Prudential Center ('03 - 07); International Place ('04); Federal Reserve Bank of Boston ('95, '90, '84); Boston Public Library ('94), and City Hall ('84, '82). Finnegan co-organized and participated in river trip expeditions for artists on the Nile ('93), the Volga ('89), and the Mississippi ('83).

Laura Fischman

PT Lecturer

Laura Fischman is a Boston-based artist who paints the unnoticed, imperfect, and often fragmented topographies of everyday life—from patches of skin, to gutter pipes, and reflections of the landscape in the rain. In her painting, she honors often overlooked spaces and moments by exploring the humanity embedded within their flaws, and the ruin resulting from the passage of time.

Joel Frenzer

Professor of the Practice

Utilizing his background in animation and performance, Joel Frenzer has developed a body of work that encompasses independent short films, puppetry, character voice acting, novelty song writing, looped animated vignettes, mural design, and comedy podcasting. His work has been featured in international festivals (South By Southwest, Ottawa Int. Animation Fest, Annecy Animation Fest.) galleries (ICA, Beaux-art de Paris, Bakalar, Entwine.), television, and online events.

Barbara Gallucci

Professor of the Practice

Barbara Gallucci is a New York based sculptor and photographer whose work examines the intersections between Sculpture, Furniture and Interior Design; resulting in hybrid objects where the role of function collapses and compounds. Her sculptures are appropriations of Modernist icons; Corbusier, Nelson, Eames. They are critically altered, yet still functional, still providing seating for the viewer. In a recent project, commissioned by the DECORDOVA MUSEUM, her over-scaled beanbag topiary chairs, are scattered across a 'terraced landscape', built of plywood and cork.

Charles Goss

Professor of the Practice

Charles Goss grew up in the Boston area. He is a working artist and has been teaching at SMFA for more than 30 years. He received his BFA from University of Colorado and his MFA at SMFA at Tufts. He was trained in sculpture but quickly branched to many other forms of expression and media, and developed this approach teaching at the school. From 3-D to photography, drawing and painting to installation, book-making to film-making, performance to sound, Charles has embraced the cross-discipline nature of this institution in his work and teaching.

Angelina Gualdoni

Professor of the Practice

Angelina Gualdoni's works on canvas take still life, interiors, and abstraction as their main focus, locating the rhythm of the everyday sublime in the language of color field painting. Often staining both sides of the canvas, her paintings operate as fluid scrims between still life, color field and pattern and decoration. Gualdoni's paintings have been the subject of solo and group shows nationally and internationally at the Queens Museum, NY, St.

Mags Harries

PT Professor of the Practice

Mags Harries: Sculpture, Installation, Grad Advising

MFA Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL ('70); Diploma, Leicester College of Art and Design, England ('67)

Currently teaching Sculpture/ Installation/ Grad Adviser. 

For the past 10 years, worked in collaboration with architect Lajos Heder forming Harries Héder Collaborative.