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The Ceramics Studio is a space where artists can explore the properties of clay. Students may explore ancient or contemporary methods through a variety of firing and glazing techniques, ceramic decaling, wheel work, hand building, slab construction, or slip casting. Our kilns and drying rooms can support large-scale work, and individual studio spaces are available for students enrolled in directed study.


Downdraft Soda Kiln 
Downdraft Raku Kiln 
Decal Printer
8 Shimpo VL Whisper Wheels
4 Brent Model-CXC Wheels
Brent SR-36 Slab Roller
Bailey 4" Extruder 
Bailey 9" Extruder
Bailey 4"x6" Tile Extruder with Power Drive System
4 Shimpo BW-25L Banding Wheels
Assortment of hand tools
Shimpo Ball Mill
Hand Held Blunger
Dry Materials
Glaze Database Station
HyperGlaze (Glaze Calculation Program)
Raytheon Downdraft Shuttle Kiln (70 Cubic Ft)
Alpine HF24 Updraft Kiln (20 Cubic Ft)
School-built Downdraft Kiln (25 Cubic Ft)
Bailey 2750 Front Loader Kiln
ConArt BX 1822-1 Kiln
Skutt KM-1018 Kiln
2 L&L E23T Kilns
L&L X3236-D Kiln
2 L&L Doll Kilns