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The Fabrication Studio is a dedicated communal building space at the Mission Hill Building for a variety of materials including metal, wood, and plastic. From a variety of saws to our new vacuum former, we have a wide range of tools to build with a variety of materials. We also provide installation kits for checkout to assist with hanging and other installation needs. Full training is available on diverse fabrication processes, as well as mandatory safety training. Consultations are available for sculptural design and engineering, materials resources and acquisition, or general "How do I…" questions.


General woodworking equipment (planer, table saw, band saw, radial arm/miter saw, router table, track saw, downdraft table, and disc/belt sander)
Vacuum former for thermoforming of plastics
Flasks for mold making or mechanical metal construction
Metalworking equipment including sheet metal cutting shear, small brake, metal cutting bandsaw, and drill press
Trac saw
Large selection of general hand tools and measuring tools