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In the Spring of 2020, SMFA launched two new studios spaces on the Medford Campus, located in Barnum Hall.

Studio LL01 is a multidisciplinary studio space that includes easels, a model stand, and painting and drawing storage space. The studio has two sinks and track lighting. The workspace is large and includes several rolling tables that can be arranged to accommodate specific needs of individual students or entire classes.

Barnum 200 is a multidisciplinary studio space that features an array of artificial and natural lighting options. The centerpiece of Barnum 200 is a large overhead lighting grid that allows users to hang lights, backdrops, scrims, and flags. Equipment can be secured to the grid or stands with a variety of grips and clamps. This space is ideal for classes working on long-term or large-scale projects.


Students will be granted access to these spaces through enrollment in classes, faculty permission, or by permission of the studio manager. Access inquiries should be emailed to

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