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The Photography facilities let you create work using a variety of contemporary, historical, and alternative processes including both analog and digital techniques. In addition to a variety of shooting spaces, we offer multiple darkroom facilities for developing film and analog printing, spaces to edit and print digital photography, and services to send work out to be developed.

A wide selection of film and digital cameras, as well as lighting and studio equipment, are available for checkout from the Media Stockroom.

The Digital Photography Lab, or D-Lab, is a specialized lab dedicated to exhibition-quality digital printing. Students access these facilities through digital photography classes, or with the permission of a faculty member or the Studio Manager. Mac Pro workstations with color-calibrated displays are available to make prints using our Epson Stylus Pro 3880 and 4900 printers, Epson Surecolor p800 inkjet printers, and 44” Epson Surecolor P9000 printer. You may print on any inkjet-coated paper you prefer. A daylight-balanced viewing area is located just outside of the P9000 room, where you can fine-tune the color balance of your prints.


Beseler 45 and Omega D Series Enlargers

These enlargers are designed for printing with 35mm, medium-format, and 4"x5" negatives. Two gang darkroom are available, one for beginner students and one for advanced. Processing trays allow for printing up to 20"x24". Chemistry is provided and refreshed on a regular basis.

Film Processing Area

You can develop black-and-white film of any format. Processing tanks support 35mm, medium-format, and 4”x5” sheet film. A tray processing room is available for developing large-format sheet film. Chemistry is provided and refreshed on a regular basis.

Mural Room

A 45" wide processing sink is available for making large-scale gelatin silver prints. A Leitz enlarger for printing from 35mm and medium-format negatives, and a Beseler enlarger for printing from 4"x5" and 8"x10" negatives are available for large-scale projection.

Alternative Processes

A UV exposure unit allows for making prints of varying size and technique. Cyanotype, van Dyke brown, and platinum/palladium are some examples of processes supported in this area.

Project Suites:

Hasselblad Flextight X1 and 848 Partial-Drum Scanners

For making sharp, high-resolution scans of color and black-and-white negatives. These scanners support 35mm, medium-format, and 4"x5" and 5"x7" sheet film. Can make 3F scans.

Epson Perfection V850 Flatbed Scanners

For scanning 35mm, medium-format, 4"x5" and 8"x10" negatives or books and documents up to 8.5"x11".

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