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The Print Shops offer a variety of spaces dedicated to work in screen printing, lithography, intaglio, relief, monoprinting, and other alternative printmaking processes. Our shops support traditional methods as well as contemporary digital techniques and hybrid practices. Students enrolled in a printmaking course will receive a shared locker and flat file for the semester, as well as access to all inks.


The Screen Printing Studio (A203) is an entirely water-based studio equipped with darkroom facilities, a large vacuum-frame exposure unit, computer stations, multiple screen printing stations, drying racks, and a power washing booth.

The Relief, Intaglio, and Lithography Studios (A104) are equipped with everything needed for students to explore woodcut, wood engraving, and other relief techniques; lithography on limestone, zinc, or aluminum plates; intaglio processes such as etching, engraving, and aquatinting; monoprinting and monotyping; and other alternative printmaking processes.

The shop feature 3 etching presses, 3 lithography presses, and a large selection of lithography stones.

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