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Work in this shop requires the supervision of a Studio Manager or Lab Monitor at all times, as well as the completion of a safety training workshop.

The Woodshop is open to all members of the SMFA community, and offers fabrication and safety training in support of a wide variety of sculptural approaches. Whether you want to make stretcher bars for your paintings, frames for your prints, or structures for your installations, students get the support they need for projects. The shop is well-equipped to accommodate projects involving anything from woodcarving to furniture and guitar making, to installation work. A variety of hand tools are available to all students and students who have taken proper safety training gain access to the shop’s power tools.


10" Table Saw
Two 14" Bandsaws
20" Bandsaw
Sliding Miter Crosscut Saw
14" Crosscut Saw
Drill Press
5' Jointer/Planer
Scroll Saw
13" Thickness Planer
Belt Sander