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BFA students are required to complete a total of 120 semester hour units (SHUs) to graduate. Of these, 76 SHUs must be in studio coursework. Within this requirement, students have the freedom to choose those courses that will best help them realize their artistic vision and voice. This process is a fluid and organic one, and will shift and change over the course of a student’s undergraduate experience.

To earn a BFA degree at Tufts University, all students must:

  • Earn a minimum of 120 semester hour units.
  • Complete 76 semester hour units of studio coursework and 42 semester hour units of Liberal Arts Distribution requirements.
  • Satisfy the residency requirement of eight full-time semesters, according to the stipulations outlined in The Bulletin.

Advising Understanding BFA Graduation Requirements

BFA Course Requirements

Studio Art 76 SHUs*
Art History 15 SHUs
College Writing English 1 and 2, or equivalent
Social Science 3 SHUs
Humanities 3 SHUs
Science/Technology 3 SHUs
Language/Culture 3 SHUs
Liberal Arts & Science Electives 9 SHUs
Open Elective (studio or non-studio) 2 SHUs
Total 120 SHUs

* Semester Hour Units (SHUs) is the credit-hour system used by Tufts and most universities in the United States.

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