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In Search of Coalescence highlighted the work of the 20 artists selected from the 2017-2018 Senior Thesis Program.

The exhibition reflected each artist’s yearlong process, enveloped under a wide range of individualized mediums and concepts. Over the course of the fall and spring semesters, each artist was provided with the opportunity to collaborate with peers and faculty in order to execute a self-guided body of work. The works displayed range from digital media, performance, and installation to painting, photography, and sculpture, to encompass a collective exhibition.

Poster of Senior Thesis Exhibition 2018: In Search of Coalescence


Mabel Albert
Alicia Rodriguez Alvisa
Allie Bartlett
Chloë Bustin
Renee Coppola
Daniel Corral
Serena Feingold
Quinn Guarino
Carlisle Isley
Nika Korchok
Ellie LaCourt
Ma Chih Ching
Salvadora McCaffrey
Cleo Miao
Nick Papa
Sara Pizarro
Rachel Shiloach
Tyler Villa
Clay Woolery

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