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Mabel Albert artwork
Mabel Albert artwork

Mabel Albert is a Boston-based artist. She recently received her BFA at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. Since growing up in the Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire, Mabel has always been fascinated by nature and the environment. She focuses her work around the ongoing conversation between humans and the earth. She utilizes the idea of a self-reflective experience, combined with the notion that humanity has, over time, begun to destroy the earth. Working primarily with oils to portray fragmented paintings, Mabel also adds sculptural elements into her works. She portrays an experience through her paintings that aims to make the audience feel emotional responsibility.

Artist statement

Artist Statement: This is a conversation between us and the earth. The damage we have caused has become detrimental to this beautiful land. The need to co-exist in peace has never been more grave. Humans have learned to beautify the destruction that we have created. Chemicalized America is our home now. The efforts we entail — as protection, as gratitude — they are too little. The damage we cause becomes the mask of our hidden lies. Exposed lies, I mean.

I convey notions of human destruction, and our effect on the environment, through painting.  I paint on wood, canvas. I use mirrors as reflective devices to make you think.  My paintings display imagery of places destroyed by human hands. These places have been crushed  by the footprint of humanity. My research stems from books and theories surrounding the barriers and co-existence between humans and the earth. Chemicalized America is our home now.

This conversation has taken a turn. This is a conversation between humans and materiality? No. A conversation between us and the earth.  The relationships we carry with our land is one that has fizzled out. Do we care? We think we care. Enough.

Inspired by imagery created by hands I know so well, my work reflects wildlife affected by our negligence. Places I have seen, places I have been. Places where humanity has caused a footprint of destruction. By sliding toxic paint across a chemically bleached canvas, what am I saying? Nature experiences suffocation. 
We shrug.
The pennies flow in.