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Artwork by Chloe Bustin
Self Illusion
Mixed Media Installation, 2018
Artwork by Chloe Bustin

Chloë Bustin is a Boston-based artist, exploring multiple disciplines such as drawing, printmaking, sculpture and installation. Her current work investigates color and abstraction as components of human experience as well as the translation of two-dimensional work into three dimensions.

Her influences are derivative of the Op Art Movement and Perceptual Art of the 1960s. As Bustin explores the concepts of perception and illusory effect in artwork, she seeks to create a dialogue between the audience and the artwork.  Through the use of light as a medium, she explores the visual changes that occur with the injection of outside color, shadow and reflection.

Artist statement

Artist Statement: Self Illusion explores how the viewer reacts to illusionistic imagery through the multiple possible perspectives from which a piece of work can be experienced, which, in this case, is within a gallery space. Based on the psychology of form, humans associate their emotions to abstract shape and color. The same principles should apply to the use of color in work. Through an immersive, interactive experience of visual changes that occur to work, the viewer's emotions are both sought out and challenged. In this way, Self Illusion questions our ability to allow ourselves the freedom to change our initial point of view and to adapt to change.