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Renee Coppola artwork
Renee Coppola artwork

Renee Coppola is from New Hampshire. She anticipates her BFA from SMFA at Tufts, where she focused in stop motion animation.

Artist statement

Renee Coppola uses stop motion techniques to create turbulent worlds. Hailing from a rural town in New Hampshire, she would prefer to be surrounded by a forest than a swarm of human beings. The vines that bind our natural bodies to the natural world around them have become knotted and tangled through increasingly diminutive modes of domestication, that land turned grid turned web or net. She feels asphyxiated by this fact.

Lately, her focus point has been on agriculture; in particular, fruit. Her interest is twofold: fruit as aphrodisiac/symbol of fertility and fruit as cloned and genetically manipulated market item. Sexual fetish and consumer fetish swimming down the same stream.

As for process, she likes to work alone with the lights down and the music turned up, smearing clay onto plexiglass or playing with little pieces of trash.