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Cynae artwork
Cynae artwork

Cynae, born and raised in Boston, is an artist whose work is an honest, unedited reaction to being alive and aware in today's world.  Cynae works with Micron pens and Sumi ink to create detailed brain maps. In Cynae’s work, there are no under drawings and no revisions.  The effect of this process, mixed with her unfiltered imagination, is a magical, hypnotic world filled with a variety of characters and situations, ranging from the chaotic to the coy.  The drawings morph about themselves, drowning in a universe of ancient and contemporary symbolism that becomes a literal bombardment of information which physically, intellectually, and emotionally connects itself to itself.  Recently, she has been scanning these drawings and laser cutting them into different materials to produce a variety of different experiences with the original drawings.

Artist statement

Artist Statement: Sitting in front of a piece of paper I make a mark. This mark cannot be undone.  
For me there is freedom in things that cannot be undone.
Creation is born out of permanent marks and mistakes. I read, I watch, I listen. I apply that which I consume onto the paper and enjoy the adventure of navigating the chaos of a committed line. This type of drawing has become a spiritual practice for me, allowing me to speak to myself by bypassing language.  I am as surprised by the content as anyone else.  Sometimes the images don’t wait for me to understand them before they come. In many ways I am only a conduit.