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Quinn Guarino artwork
Quinn Guarino, BFA '18
Me painting something big 15 years from now
Graphite on Paper, 2018

Born in Albany, New York, I spent my whole life growing up in New York state until moving to Boston for college. Upon arrival,I spent two years as an illustration major at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. My last two years of undergraduate schooling are taking place at the SMFA at Tufts University.

Artist statement

My work happens pretty compulsively; no matter how many sketches or blueprints I lay out beforehand, it doesn’t seem to matter once I’m in front of the material. That being said, I think that a lot of my work is archival in nature. A majority of my pieces, in some way, document an intimate story, a character, or an environment. I want to create iconography for my contemporary story. It’s important for me that I articulate these mythologies or stories because, in the process,I think I’m making peace with that memory or character for myself. Even if I’m just alluding to a personal story within this warped, romanticized world, there is still an experience grounded in reality there that I want to understand more. I tend to dissect characters or environments by making fun of everything. There’s still a lot of romantic theatre to be found in even the most dreary moments here.