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Carlisle Isley artwork
Carlisle Isley artwork

Carlisle Isley was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and has lived in Mahomet, Illinois; Santiago, Chile; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Amman, Jordan; and Boston, Massachusetts.  When Carlisle was nine, her family backpacked through Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand for a year. Her work explores narratives of identity, family history, memory and fragmentation through performances and installations, often using handmade paper as both an ephemeral sculptural element and performative prop.

Artist statement

Welcome, to the paper-towns, there is no effervescence.
There will be adieus said to the familiar.
Honor the Atlas that is held on the shoulders:
Cartogram is distorted with data.

Blip Blop greets the adieus with wonderment 
It as a trench taste of smudged charcoal
Nope. Run. 

Planting the seed 
Between the space between your tongue 
There is an utterance of ignorance
Atlas can no longer contain the cabinets
Blip Blop unhands the fable of kin.