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Ellie Lacourt animation drawings
Ellie LaCourt animation drawings

Ellie LaCourt is visual artist from Arlington, MA and a recent graduate of SMFA at Tufts' joint degree program with Northeastern University. She works primarily in animation and documentary film. Her first animated short, "Standard Life" screened at the Los Angeles International Student Film Festival, Boston Underground Film Festival, Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival, and Tricky Women International Animation Festival in Vienna, Austria, as well as at the Museum of Fine Arts for SMFA’s annual media arts show, where it was recognized as a "work of special distinction." Ellie is currently a media arts instructor at the Cambridge School of Weston’s Summer Arts camp.

Artist statement

Ellie LaCourt uses animation as a lens for examining overlooked aspects of human experience. She is particularly interested in the ways that systems of power are reflected in life's most mundane moments. Her art practice is characterized by a compulsion to collect and organize observations of the quotidian in her own life. By aggregating these observations she aims to construct a more comprehensive picture of her own identity, one detail at a time. Animation is an appropriate medium for this process because an animation is itself a collection of still images that, when brought together, create a moving image.