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Rachel Shiloach - artwork
Rachel Shiloach artwork
Video Still, 2017

Fairly crazy, Rachel Shiloach packed all of her obsessions, and left her home of three dogs, six chickens, two younger brothers, and little sister in a tiny village atop a mountain. After completing her IDF service, she departed from arid Israel to promised Boston to study at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. There, she explored expressive movement in performative, time-based, and two-dimensional media. Her main concerns, regarding her art, are how to reach the core of a subject, tell a story in an honest way, and save a touch of improvisation, imagination and humor. Her parents, two special educators, are waiting for her to take a break and visit home, but her appetite for new stories and new ways of expression keeps her from returning to the familiar.

Artist statement

My artistic study focuses on expressive movement, the mediator between the inner and outer worlds. Inside and outside mean different things: body and space, desires and reality, the perceptual and the tangible. Every work is formed in two stages—the first is a mission I take upon myself to polish a subject and find a way to express it. Through research, I clean and clear and strip and edit the subject thoroughly, thoughtfully. I want to reach a distilled core, an essence, a basic meaning. I hope to find something moving, surprising, amusing. The second stage begins when I understand that I don’t stand a chance: my expectation to oversee and perfect will never be fulfilled. I have to abandon ambition, let imagination take over, and surrender to the natural flow. This voyage is pleasurable, the tension built around the will to find is moving, surprising, amusing. The process generates an unseen narrative, yet the narrative is present. Time and movement are ephemeral, yet lasting devices. Striving for control annuls control, and in this act, creation is born.