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Tyler Villa artwork
Tyler Villa - artwork

Tyler was conceived on a yellow boat in the middle of a lake.

Tyler was born in Framingham, Massachusetts on February 5th 1996 @ 10:33am to:

A Mom: Sandy [21]

A Dad: Bernie [27]

Tyler is an Aquarius, and so are his parents.

Tyler’s mom always says,

"Tyler, you know, you made up a lot of your childhood memories"

Tyler had a small white wicker rocking chair at his Dad's Mom's.

One day he was rocking in his small, white, wicker, rocking chair and smacked the back of his head against a radiator.

Tyler spent his Friday’s with his Mom’s Dad.

They listened to the oldie’s station: 103.3 FM

Tyler spent a lot of time exploring their houses whenever he got the chance.

Tyler was always looking for something.

Tyler moved frequently but he didn’t mind it.

Tyler and his parents first lived with his Mom’s Mom,

Then with his Dad’s Mom in Framingham,

Tyler’s mom was the Manager at Papa Gino’s

Tyler’ dad did something with his hands.

Tyler’s dad was always doing something with his hands.

Then on Beaver St. in Framingham,

In the mix Ty’s little brother Ryan was born on Sept. 2001.

Tyler spent a lot of time with Ryan.

Tyler became a 3rd parent to Ryan.

At this point Ty’s mom was working for the US Army.

Then in Whitinsville, the landlady’s name was also Sandy,

I remember I loved this place because it had a pantry,

And I had a bunk bed,

And I liked those things.

Then back to Framingham behind the courthouse,

We had a fenced in yard and that was nice,

A wizard showed me real fairies in this house,

When Tyler was nine, his dad left.

It’s okay,

His mom had everything under control.

She then married Jimmy.

Around the same time almost all of my dad’s ribs were broken.

My Dad had several girlfriends.

I dropped a plastic container from a second story window hoping for it to land on my grandpa’s head.

The plastic container was filled with a lot of rocks.

I once set up a pencil upright in between the couch cushions.

Jimmy sat down on that pencil.

Tyler was bullied between second grade and sixth grade.

Tyler’s parents remarried each other when Tyler was 14.

In 7th grade Tyler’s little brother Shaun Patrick was born.

Tyler became a 3rd parent to Shaun.

Tyler spent a lot of time with his mom.

Artist statement

The picturesque nuclear family

The nuclear nuclear family

People to people relationships

Things to things relationships

Bold Color demands attention

Created space to live,

And relate to.

Framed space to manipulate

Art as a framing device to draw attention to

The forgotten

The ugly

The lost

The anxious

The scared

Being brave


Objects and their functions

Created objects with no function

Talking about trash

Talking about paper

Talking about art

Talking about plastic

Talking about definitions

Talking about paint

Talking about outlines

And Systems

And Walls

And Floors

And Windows

And Light

And Water

And Socks and Underwear