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Clay Woolery artwork
Clay Woolery artwork

Clay Woolery 94 - I am born at crossroads of tornado 95 alley and bible belt in missouri. My 96 mother and godmother run portrait studio where 97 I teach myself chess on computer, and 98 watch sunset on their collection of frames 99 and backdrops. I am always drawing something. 00 The wedding gigs begin dwindling with popular 01 adoption of digital cameras; my mother enters 02 the trucking industry and my godmother construction. 03 Interstates unfold roadtrips; I ask for 04 a birthday atlas. I chip my tooth; 05 the dentist kids me about showing off 06 for girls. I start biting my nails. I 07 take it all in a Hummer; conclude 08 I am better without a father. "A 09 system is just an expansive object, eventually 10 it all contracts back to points." smithson, sixty 11 nine. I experience windshields and entire hospitals shatter 12 then hide in segl doma  signs behind scotus. 13 I graduate one school named slaver, join 14 circus on plantation hill, ride stretchers up 15 boston's spine to paint under lit brahmin feather 16 dusters. I hold a diamond earring 17 and head to the cabaret. time is 18 expired.

Artist statement

FLIGHTS OF STAIRS is a live complication of its own exhibition. Performance objects are arranged in real space to reflect the placement of their respective instructional videos, found on a nearby monitor and at the link below. The accumulation of process, both enacted and suggested, is the medium through which the piece is generated. Material and spatial aspects of the installation are provisional for this accumulation, punctuated by the expanding distances between meaning, instruction, and value. The resulting environment implicates the systemic, mimetic, and habitual behaviors of individuals and calls instead for uninhibited approaches of the void, as from above, so from below.