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Liminal Space  presents the work of 13 undergraduate students who completed the Senior Thesis Program.


Liminal Space, a term to describe the transition between past and future, showcases emerging artists from different backgrounds, coming together to speak of their own experiences. Over the past year, the artists have been given an opportunity to reflect and cultivate their understanding of the world, affected by the macro and micro spheres of influence, from the personal to global.

Liminal Space challenges physical and mental realities in conjunction with unlayering and dismantling facades created by society. These facades have become a part of the human condition and by finding ways to survive, cope and heal from these events and histories, we hope to shed light on the quiet shadow these complex truths have cast on contemporary perspectives of life and identity.

Senior Thesis 2019 Liminal Space


Mackenzie Baker
Khadine Caines
Michelle Coco Der Vartanian
Helen Rose Driscoll
Kristina Hagman
Marylu E. Herrera
Victoria Kitirattragarn
Perla Mabel L.
Julia O'Gara
Anela Oh
Mushky Rice
Abigail Robichaud
Erika Sacks

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